This is the TypeMedia patio, also called TypeMedia graveyard, at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. All stones on display are made by TypeMedia master students during their letter carving class led by Françoise Berserik.

Lettercarving @TypeMedia

Lettercarving is a in-depth, practical class at TypeMedia on carving letters in stone. Students learn about stone, tools and assumptions about shape, spacing, construction and proportion of letters are challenged. They start making a capital R with classic proportions and end the class with a word of at least 5 letters. This word can be in any script, and does not have to mean anything.

Examples of finished stones can be seen here. Some stones are still unidentified. Who made them? If you see your stone, or can help identifying others, let us know and contact Type and Media.

TypeMedia Master Program

Type and Media is an intensive, one-year master in type design. The program has a practical approach, based on drawing and making letterforms, in the context of a critical practice. Modern communication needs text on all surfaces and writing systems. This discipline takes place on a busy intersection of aesthetic, cultural and technical expectations. Students learn to confidently navigate by designing their processes (and tools) while creating type. Teachers bring their expertise from their practice to the TypeMedia studio. This is a hub for up to twelve students with desk, screen, research library and digital amenities. Excursions to the best historic materials and collections. Graduation projects are individual explorations in type design.

More about the master programme of Type and Media at the website of the KABK.
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